MUELLER PUPPIES


Hey there great to hear from you Kathy!

He is one BIG boy...of course we don't see him that way but others think he is huge ;)
We Wanted a big dog so he is perfect.

Here are some pictures that were on my phone - see attached.

He has been thru 2 training classes - and it just a hugely social dog, very loyal, and loves to be with his family.   He plays catch - but Max does it in his own way ... never fully bringing it back after the 1st 5 throws...then he gets lazy runs after it then brings it back within 30 Yards of us and plops down.  He is Always happy and lifts our spirts every day.
NO Health issues  other than a few ear infections - all that fur and moisture in his ears after a bath sometimes causes that but I would say that is just part of all Floppy eared dogs.
My Daughter loves the fact that she can sit on the floor and max will come and Plop himself down in her lap - mind you he weighs 71 lbs and she ways about 65 so he keeps her warm.  It is really cute.  Max also loves to take a his rubber mesh ball in his mouth and push it into us to get us to play.  He doesn't drop the ball but uses it as a ramming device to get our attention and goes after the ankles quite a bit just to get our attention - we play for 30 mins at at time like that.  Loves hide and seek and goes ballistic trying to locate us because he needs to be around his people.  
Max gets complements all of the time about how cute he is and how good natured he is.  Thanks so much for the wonderful dog.

Please send me pictures of other litters you have  - I bump into people all the time looking for a good dog.  I love to share your website with them and some current pictures.

Good to hear from you.

Hi Kathy,
Hercules (Brutus) is doing absolutely wonderful!! He is such a good boy. He definitely has a LOT of energy. He seems to have "human eyes" that look right into our souls. We love him to pieces. He is very healthy, no problems at all with him. I have him on the same brand dog food that you suggested. The vet said he is all muscle, no fat whatsoever. He weighs about 70lbs, and is taller than we expected. He stands at least 27 " from the ground to his shoulder blades.

Herc has brought so much joy and entertainment to us. He had way too much energy so we purchased another puppy (yellow lab) to help entertain him. Her name is Athena, to go along with the hercules name. She has definitely helped with entertaining him and he was wonderful with her from the start. They bonded very quickly.

Hercules was also the center of attention at our camp. He was known as the "rock star". People would come to our camp as soon as we pulled in so that they could visit with him and take pictures of him. He certainly does draw a lot of attention. His fur is very soft and beautiful. He is apricot color. I would suggest a "doodle" to anyone but also make sure they have another dog to help with the energy level. I will also suggest for people to possibly buy one from you. Herc's temperment and personality is absolutely wonderful.

Thank you for checking up on him. I'm going to forward some pics to you.

Hi Kathy,
Tank is doing very well. He weighs 83 lbs now. He is very strong and very smart and has made the perfect addition to our family. He is also a big hit around the neighborhood. Here is a picture I took of him this morning.

I hope you can see from these photos how much little Oscar/Gus is loved.  I need to learn how to use a movie camera and upload some clips of my two dogs playing.  They keep me laughing. 
BooBoo and Gus get along like typical siblings ~ having a good argument now and then and fighting over toys.  They recently got groomed, and I sent them one at a time instead of both.  It was heartwarming to see how sad they seemed without each other.  :)
Thank you for helping him grow ~ he's my little man. 

Hi Kathy, Jaxson is Doing amazing. He is my big baby. Back in September we got a female maltese from Oklahoma so they are best of friends. Jaxson is extremely protective over her and panics if she is not where he can be with her. Is that normal with the male female domain? There is a picture attached to this message that was taken on December 16 for my daughters first bday in her new chair she got. I think he uses it more than she does. Lol He just likes to be the center of attention but you still have to watch him a little because he still thinks he can just lift his leg anywhere. Its very annoying but I herd its very common with males. Thanks for checking up on things you’re a great breeder.


Hi Kathy,

Thank you for the email.  Sebastian is doing quite well!  He is a very energetic and happy dog!  He loves his walks and meeting new people.  Here are a couple pics...they are the most recent.

Hi Kathy,
Bogie (Bogart) is great! (Hennessey just didn't fit). He is and has been the best puppy. He has gotten quite curly...but has maintained his markings. He is so sweet. House trained in less than two weeks, rarely chewed things...we had a few mishaps. His favorite is rolls of toilet paper. He loves his walks and will drag his leash around when he feels its time for his daily walk. Bentley and I have just started volunteer work as a therapy team at a local hospital...when Bogie is a year old I will start him in the program as well.
Let me know if you have more litters. Almost everyone that sees Bogie wants to know where I got him. I doubt that Bogie could have gotten a better home. He is so loved and well cared for and My husband and I enjoy them so much.


Hi Kathy!  I wanted to take the time to thank you for such a great puppy.  Bentley has the most amazing personality, and every time I come home he greets me with a great big Roo Ra Roo!  I have never seen another dog so full of life, love and loyalty.  He is truthfully a perfect dog and will remain a permanent fixture of our family for many many years to come.  I'd recommend your puppies to anyone!

- William, Kansas

The Mueller Goldendoodles are beautiful as you can see. We have been so pleased from the moment we picked Flossie up at 7 weeks old. She has an outstanding coat. She is extemely smart, always one step ahead of us.She gets attention everywhere she goes.We would love to have another Goldendoodle from Kathy. Thanks so much Kathy for our beautiful girl!! Bruce & Nina Hight, Wamego Kansas

Hello Kathy! I just wanted to let you know that Maddie is still doing great! We were in Petco the other day and the Picture People were there taking pictures and they asked if they could take pictures of Maddie for their ads! She is such a doll! I couldn't ask for a better dog. Everyone loves her. I was wondering if you were ever planning on putting Maddie's parents together again for another litter. I think Maddie would have a blast with one of her brothers or sisters and I couldn't imagine a better place to get Maddie a friend. Let me know!

Hey Kathy!
This is Brittney, Ryan's wife, I just wanted to take a little time to say THANK YOU a million times for the perfect little blessing that you gave our house! Reese is the most amazing addition that we could have ever hoped for! She has been wonderful and fits right in! She has already had a couple of playdates and it looks like her March calendar will be filled up soon! Everyone loves her, more then you could ever know! Thank you so much! I thought I would send you a couple of pictures of her so you could see how she was doing! Thank you again! Hope you have a blessed weekend!

Kathy was wonderful and described "Bert" perfectly! He did well on the flight, very impressed. He has great temperament and has been very well cared for! Thanks Kathy, great little guy! Would definitely buy another pup from Kathy. Stacey in California

Hi Kathy, We wanted to send you a current picture of Scooby at 6 mo. old. He is the sweetest dog with the best temperment. He doesn't shed and weighs about 55lb. If we can ever be a reference or you and you Goldendoodles let us know. Thanks, The Stanley's

This is Cassie from Indiana I came to Missouri to pick up a Morkie... I just wanted to let you know he is amazing and I love him more than you could imagine... he is very sweet cuddly and playful he definatly has the quality of being attached to his master.. he  follows me everywhere I go which was exactly what I wanted. I just wanted to Thank You for my wonderful dog who has become a huge part of who I am I attached some pictures for you so you could see him now he weighs about 5lbs and is about full grown.

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